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Meet Linda

Linda's career ignited right here, locally, at Career Beauty College. From those early days of mastering the hair canvas, it was evident she possessed an innate flair and an impassioned love for the art of hair styling, cutting and signiture hair coloring, . As she delved deeper into her craft, Linda hungered for experiences that would fuel her creative spirit and elevate her skills to new heights.

Her pursuit of excellence led her to prestigious ateliers like the Vidal Sasson Academy in Santa Monica, the Redken Exchange in New York, and the Unite Academy and Eufora Academy in San Diego. These weren't just educational experiences; they were transformative journeys that shaped her into the visionary stylist she is today.

But what truly sets Linda apart is her soulful connection with her guests. Beyond mere aesthetics, she crafts experiences that resonate on a deeper level, empowering each individual to express their inner beauty with confidence and grace.

So, with passion as her muse, Linda's career journey dances on the edge of innovation and creativity. From her humble beginnings at Career Beauty College to her current status as a luminary of style, she continues to weave her magic, painting the world with strokes of beauty and grace, one hair canvas masterpiece at a time.

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